Getting Started

Wondering where to start? Here's how you can get started:

  1. Take a look at the decision making tools and techniques
  2. Check out the active threads and post a comment or submit a new thread

Engage with the Community

The goal is to discuss, challenge, and iterate our way to playbook for decision making

This collection of models and frameworks is built upon and maintained by a community of practitioners, but anyone can join, discuss, and influence the direction of the Uncertainty Project.

Want to contribute to the Uncertainty Project?

The Uncertainty Project is an open framework, but in order to keep things manageable, we're only supporting a few direct contributors. You can let us know if you're interested in contributing or recommend a tool/technique we should document here!

Who owns the Uncertainty Project?

The Uncertainty Project is an open project under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License as an exploration of models and techniques for better, faster decision making.

You can find all the details on licensing here.

About the Uncertainty Project

The Uncertainty Project is a constantly evolving, community-driven collection of research-backed models and tools that helps companies architect processes for effective decision making.

Built by practitioners, for practitioners, this is meant to be a collection of building blocks; not a heavy, prescriptive framework. It enables individual managers, teams, as well as whole organizations to implement systematic decision making practices at varying levels of complexity.

How it started

The founding members of the Uncertainty Project have spent decades of combined experience helping companies large and small improve the way they work. They've explored, coached and built tools to help processes across product management, strategy, and portfolio management.

One problem was consistent across all of these capabilities - decision making

Searching for methods, tools and frameworks to help systematically solve this problem is difficult. The field of decision science is still nascent, and it's difficult to piece together these powerful tools into something relevant, accessible, and coachable for a company or team trying to improve group decision making.

That is what started the Uncertainty Project, a community-led framework that aggregates, translates, tests, and adapts these tools so that teams and companies of all types can use them to improve decision quality and velocity